Stavanger – Open, Energetic and Innovative!

Wed, Nov 4, 2009


By Signe Hansen
Welcome to Stavanger; the region where everything is possible, where big ideas flourish and where large international conventions are handled with a professionalism achieved through 30 years of experience.

Located in the Southern part of Norway the small region of Stavanger not only has everything – nature, culture and culinary experiences – it is also easily accessible.  At Stavanger Airport Sola more than 90 planes arrive daily; many from major European cities like Copenhagen, London, Aberdeen and Newcastle. From the airport, Norway’s third largest city and oil capital is just 20 minutes away; once there the short distances within the region make many great adventures possible, along with the official programme.

rska17957-hm-2848x4288-300An array of choices
In 2008 Stavanger was European Capital of Culture and proved its international standing with daring, innovative and exciting cultural projects. The success was followed up this summer when the town hosted the Beach Volley World Championship. However, it is not just in recent years that the city has built up its reputation as an excellent host for large international events and conventions. The reputation goes back 30 years and the region’s dynamic university, university hospital and various international research centres have added to it, as have the great facilities and capacities which have been developed. Today the region can offer a choice of 37 hotels, 271 meeting rooms, 30 conference centres, five auditoriums seating more than 500 people and one conference hall which accommodates up to 1,700 people.

A cultural destination

When talking business there is probably no better place to find inspiration than in Stavanger. As capital of the Norwegian energy industry for more than 30 years, Stavanger is known for great ideas, innovation and growth.
It does not all have to be about business, though. Throughout the year, the region offers an array of events, including several festivals and events such as the Pulpit Rock festival, MaiJazz, and the Great Norwegian Humour Festival. Even on an ordinary night you will find that Stavanger is a vibrant cultural destination where you can enjoy concerts with the town’s own symphony orchestra, see a play or go to the theatre. You can, of course, also just kick back with a bit of shopping in some of the charming city’s unique boutiques or visit Norway’s largest mall outside the city.
Besides Stavanger is one of the cleanest and safest destinations in the world so you never need to worry when out.

stav3It never stops
It is not just the city which can host unique experiences; the great countryside of the region is an adventure in itself. On one side you will find the vast North Sea, on the other narrow fjords, protected bays and quaint islands providing extreme contrasts with pretty fields, rolling hills and extreme mountains.
Maybe you want to invite your colleagues or employees on a helicopter tour, a surfing class, deep sea fishing, canoeing or deep sea rafting. Or maybe the more peaceful prospect of golfing, joining a lighthouse safari or a Fjord cruise is more tempting. Wild but sweet, picturesque yet urban Stavanger has is it all and it does not close at 4pm and neither need your event.

For more information visit: www.regionstavanger.com

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