Schools – Moving to Sweden? The best schools for international children

Wed, Nov 4, 2009


By Signe Hansen

With London often being referred to as Sweden’s fourth biggest city there is no doubt that the UK has been an attractive and profitable home for many ambitious Swedes. But recently as the economy has turned around, many have decided to act on an often long-harboured desire to move back home to Sweden, which, with its green forests and well-organised culture, tempts many, but maybe especially families with children.

However, moving back can be just as burdensome as moving out; a new home has to be found, a car bought and, perhaps most importantly, the right school has to be found for the kids. This may turn out to be trickier than when going the other way as the kids, after having been abroad and studied at international and/or private schools, may have trouble adjusting to an ordinary Swedish public school.

Fortunately, Sweden’s international schools, whether they be private, independent or public schools, can help limit the scope of the changes. On the next couple of pages, we have selected some of the best solutions from the above ranging from boarding schools in the countryside to day and boarding schools in Stockholm and other major cities. If the kids have grown too fond of the UK, there is, of course, also the option to let them stay here, and in Atlantic College we found an excellent option for those who wish to do so. See more on the next pages.

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